Vintage Collection of Franz Porcelain Pottery 2024-03-19 Auction - 145 Price Results - Westside Traders Emporium in NY
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Vintage Franz Porcelain: Peony Flower Design Sculptured Porcelain Vase.Vintage Franz Porcelain: Limited Edition of 2000 "Defining Beauty" Design Sculptured Porcelain LargeVintage Franz Porcelain: "Island Beauty" Hibiscus Design Sculptured Porcelain Vase.
Rochester, NY, United States
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Vintage Collection of Franz Porcelain Pottery

March 19, 2024. Featuring a Vintage Collection of Gorgeous Franz Porcelain Pottery. Many Limited Edition pieces. This Auction features a large selection Vintage Franz Porcelain. Most date from 2001 to 2008. Made of fine porcelain sourced from Chinese clays. Each piece is hand made using the ancient Chinese art of porcelain undercutting, the most difficult form of porcelain sculpting. Franz pieces are never mass-produced. Completely handmade and hand painted. Franz porcelain is award winning with beautiful design and craftsmanship and can be found in the finest stores and in museums.
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