Day 1 Artifact,Fossil,Mineral,Crystal Auction 2024-06-25 Auction - 349 Price Results - Easterly Auction Company in MO
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Fish, Fossil, Rock, Natural, Decor, Collectible, Specimen, Green River Formation,Rock, Crystal, Natural, Jewelry, Pendant, Gold, OpalMeteorite, Rock, Crystal, Natural, Collectible, Outerspace
Springfield, MO, United States
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Day 1 Artifact,Fossil,Mineral,Crystal Auction

A World of Wonders: Minerals, Fossils & More! Embark on a journey through time and geological wonders with this diverse collection! This auction offers a captivating mix of: Fossils: Ancient fish, shrimp, ammonites, a Cave Bear tooth, trilobites, dinosaur teeth, and shark teeth. Minerals: Brilliant Quartz clusters, colorful Turquoise, captivating Amethyst, Meteorites, Opals, Gemstone rings & pendants, banded Calcite, colorful Agates, and fluorescent minerals. Other Natural Wonders: Intricate Amber with insect inclusions, cosmic Tektites, beautiful Seashells, captivating Coral, stunning framed Butterflies. Plus: Thuya wood carvings, decorative objects, vintage magazines, books, and original artwork. Don't miss this chance to own a piece of history and natural beauty! Place your bids now!
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