Day 2 Artifact,Fossil,Mineral,Crystal Auction 2024-06-26 Auction - 300 Price Results - Easterly Auction Company in MO
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Amber, Fossil, Natural, Collectible, Specimen, InsectRock, Crystal, Natural, Collectible, Mineral, SpecimenMeteorite, Rock, Crystal, Natural, Collectible, Outerspace
Springfield, MO, United States
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Day 2 Artifact,Fossil,Mineral,Crystal Auction

This June auction features a vast collection of natural wonders, from fossils and meteorites to crystals and minerals. Discover stunning amber with insect inclusions, mesmerizing meteorites from around the world, and captivating fossils like trilobites, sharks, and even dinosaurs. Explore a diverse range of crystals and minerals, including amethyst, turquoise, and rare specimens like vanadanite and wavellite. Decorative carvings and bowls, jewelry pieces made with natural stones, and even vintage glass marbles add to the eclectic mix. This auction is a treasure trove for collectors and anyone who appreciates the beauty of the natural world.
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