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367: Tumbaga amulet, seated woman with necklace.Tairona
357: Mighty pair of tusks of an African elephant (Loxod263: Grand Collection of Pirelli Calendars - complete c
Kranzberg, Germany
DoneNov 3, 2012 12:00 PM UTC

20.Fine Arts and Antiques - Bernstorf Estate

Selling a fine selection of more than 400 lots of Antiques and Fine Arts from European private collections. A wide range of fine porcelains, crytal & glass, collectibles, rare old master oil paintings will be oofered. The auction also offers modern art and graphics, exclusive antique Persian and Phinese carpets, silk carpets fro Hereke, Turkey, a selection of old German and English silverware. Don't miss the jewelry section: rare goldsmith's works, precious stones in gold, platinum and silver are offered a very reasonable starting bids. For our international customers we offer worldwide shipping at self-costs. Safe and secure packing as well as insurance (Allianz) is freeof charge!Please ask for our quotation.