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20: Original »Apple 1 Computer«, 1976
476: Original "Symphonion No. 25 GS" (Gambrinus) Disc M482: Fine Musical Gold Snuff Box, c. 1820
Koeln, Germany
DoneSat, Nov 24, 2012 9:00 AM UTC

Science & Technology, Fine Toys & Automata

Technical Antiques of all kinds are presented 4x year at world's leading Specialty Auction in Cologne, Germany: Early typewriters and calculating machines, the beginning of data processing, early cypher machines, telegraphs and telephones, cash registers, office appliances, radio & TV sets, classic sewing machines and flat irons, early electric appliances, nautica, aeronautica, automobilia, rare scientific instruments, microscopes, surveying instruments, optical devices, early professional tools and machines, antique medical and pharma ceuthical technology, electro-engineering, advertising material, unusual vending & gambling machines, miniature salesman samples, early watchmaker's tools, watches & clocks, mechanical music instruments of all kinds, classic tin toys, rare doll & musical automata, model trains, steam engines and much, much more...