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ANDY WARHOL, "Marilyn Monroe" signed Print, 1982
Marc Chagall, original Lithograph "L'Odyssee"ANDY WARHOL, Signed offset Print "Flowers", 1965
DoneMay 2, 2013 6:00 PM UTC

Contemporary & Classical Art Auction XLIX

Description: In our Contemporary & Classical Art Auction XLIX FREY'S a wonderful collection of exquisite original artwork by many famous artist from Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali, Marc Chagall and many more. As specialists in graphical artwork we present a rare collection of graphic from exquisite and rare signed books, folders and suits which were part of the estate of the famous collection Wertheim: Galerie les Tourettes / Dr. Anna Wertheimer in Paris. Additional information related to graphic out of books. Note: The offered art works are absolutely authentic vintage lots: linos, lithographs, prints etc. as described above. The offered art works are NOT grano lithos OR reprints. The given reference to the different reference books, such as Bloch, Verve or Murlot, etc. are ONLY related to the subject. We are selling the SAME subject as described in the books of reference BUT often the lots have smaller dimensions than represented in the book of reference. The offered art work derive from rare, partially signed books given by the artist to friends, art collectors, galleries, museums or given by the artist to visitors during art exhibitions. These VIP books have never been sold before. The year given in the description relates to the year of publication of the book.