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GE - blade or spear-head, China, Warring States (475-21
Jizhou tea bowl, China, Song dynasty (960-1297 AD), TurDepth cup, China Yuan dynasty (1279-1368 AD), the prese
Kranzberg, Germany
DoneSat, May 4, 2013 11:00 AM UTC

Special Auction: Asian Fine Arts and Antiques

In this special auction there are more than 550 lots of selected Chinese Fine Arts and Antiques, starting with very rare neolithic artifacts, many lots representing the major Chinese Dynasties like Sui, Song, Yuan, Han and Ming as well as many interesting collectibles and antiquities from the Qing Dynasty. Many lots are suitable for high-end private collections and museums. Worldwide shipping at reasonable prices is possible. Please check out our special rates for international shipping.