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Exceptional Greek Bronze Hydria
Greek Terracotta Head of DionysusSassanian Faceted Glass Bowl - Rare!
Louisville, CO, United States
DoneOct 10, 2013 3:00 PM UTC

Ancient Art - Europe, Asia, the Middle East

Antiquities-Saleroom is proud to present a spectacular 2-Day Auction of the finest Classical and Pre-Columbian art and artifacts October 10th and 11th. The 10th will be an exciting day for collectors of classical art with world-class examples of Greek, Egyptian, Roman, Etruscan, Chinese, Far Eastern and Near-Eastern art. Many stunning, published, and well provenance pieces fill the catalogue. But the highlight of this day's auction is the incredible offerings found in bronze. From the Egyptian Oxyrhyncus Fish figure, to the huge Greek Hydria, the magnificent Roman Isis-Aphrodite figure, as well as a selection of rare Chinese and South Asian weapons.

All items offered for sale in this auction have been legally acquired, are legal to sell, and guaranteed authentic/as described. Antiquities-Saleroom does not sell replicas or items 'in the style of' any ancient culture. What's more, no sale is ever final if you're not happy. Bid with confidence, your satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed!