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Sculptor from Veneto, 15th century "Madonna with Child"
Sculptor, 20th century "Kouros’ head"Francesco De Luca (19th / 20th century) "Hermes’
Genova, Italy
DoneOct 29, 2013 7:00 PM UTC

Sculpture and Works of Art

The catalog dedicated to sculpture and art objects, presents a significant section of high-era sculptures from private collections. Among these are a rare Romanesque Telamon, a fine double with falcons capital of culture Frederick, presented on the cover, and a bishop blessing wooden, suggestive evidence of thirteenth-century production of central Italy. The two belong to the Renaissance Madonna and Child in polychrome wood, of the Veneto, and the marble pediment with angels and festoon, the work of a sculptor in southern Italy.There are also numerous items, including bronzes, ivories and enamels from the fifteenth to the eighteenth century, including the precious baroque cross in gilded bronze and mother of pearl engraved. So unmissable castle Mackenzie for collectors, dealers and enthusiasts.