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127th: Science & Technol., Fine Toys & Autom.

»Technical Antiques« of all kinds. Early Calculating Machines and Typewriters: Early »Millionär«, 1895, »Arithmomètre de Thomas de Colmar«, c. 1835, Legendary Cipher Machine »Enigma«, c. 1944, »The Crown Mod.1« Typewriter, 1888 * The 1st PC in the world: »Apple 1«, 1976; Prototype »Apple Macintosh«, 1983, World's 1st patented »Copying Press by James Watt«, 1780 * Telephones & Telegraphs: Early Relief Printer Telegraph »Kränzler, Berlin« * Office Appliances * Radios * Early Electrical Appliances * Automobilia & Bikes * Scientific Instruments: Large French Transit Theodolite by »Brunner Frères, Paris«, c. 1870, »Wenham's Binocular Microscope« by Ross, London, c. 1875 * Medical & Pharmacy Technology * Scales & Weights * Microscopes * Drawing Instruments * Vending & Gambling Machines * Mechanical Music Instruments: »Fratinola Model 8b« Pneumatic Orchestrion, c. 1910, Complete Music Notation Workshop Gallery Display, c. 1910, »Decap« Dance Organ, c. 1950 * Disc Musical Boxes: »Polyphone No. 54« (Mikado), c. 1890 * Grammophones * Cylinder Musical Boxes: Musical Picture Clock Automaton by Xavier Tharin, c. 1870 * Rare Musical Doll Automata: Magicienne Musical Automaton by Roullet et Decamps, 1885 and others by Decamps, Vichy and Lambert * Dolls, Fine Toys & 400 superb Tin Toys.... and much, much more....
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