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ESTHER MYATLOV - SERANADEHanna Barbera - Fred & Barney Golfin'
Albuquerque, NM, United States
DoneDec 31, 2014 8:00 AM UTC

Hand-Signed Art & Fine Jewelry

We specialize in bringing beautiful, classic and contemporary & old master works of art to you for your appreciate and potential ownership We deal with original works of art, hand-signed limited editions, reproductions, unique fine jewelry from around the world, including traditional and contemporary wedding and engagement jewelry, exquisite bronze, Grade A jade, also know as Jadeite, jewelry and statuary, sculptures, fossils, minerals, coins, to that interesting piece you just want to add to your collection. We have recently started offering contemporary furniture and home décor with landscaping accents. ORIGINAL SLAVA BRODINSKY; Adams; Adams, Ansel; Agnew; Alexander; Allen; Banovich; Barnhouse; Bierstadt; Bjorlin; Blehert; Bogle C.; Bogle L.; Bourque, Patricia; Boutin; Brimacombe; Brown; Bush; Capiz; Capser; Carson; Cavanah; Chandler; Clair; Craig; Crute; Daehlin; Davey; Deng; Didier; Dingler; Doyle; Earnshaw; Evans; Freeman; Ghigia; Gibbs; Golf Art; Greer; Hamrick; Hankins; Hanks; Harrington; Hoelscher; Hoffman; Howe; Isaac; Johnston; Jones; Kemp; Krupp; Lang; LaPierre; Lebron R.; Lebron S.; Liess; Limvalencia; Lotus; Loveless; Lyman; Mackin; McGrath; Meger; Merritt; Molnar; Moon; Moore; Norlien; Norman; Peoples; Peterson; Pilgrim; Poulin; Procopio; Raedeke; Redlin; Renior; Ross; Seerey-Lester; Sheret; Sierakowski; Smith; Stalling; Stuart; Van Gogh; White; Wiesman-Weiler; Winston; Worcester Newell; Wysocki; Yu;