50 Year Collection Antique Auction 2004-02-08 Auction - 353 Price Results - Parker-Braden Auctions in NM - Page 6
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2149: Twelve 5/8" Machinemade Picture Marbles2131: National Barber Shop Cash Register2302: 18"x24" Porcelain Enamel Bus Sign
Carlsbad, NM, United States
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50 Year Collection Antique Auction

Personal Estate Antiques and Collectibles Acquired Over the Past 50 Years Including: Rare Marbles, Toys, Medical Items, Country Store Items, Advertising Pieces, Petroleum Items, Art Pottery, Jewelry, Paper Goods, Textiles, Barber Shop Items, Etc.
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Four Machinemade Akro Agates: Four Machinemade Akro Agate Corkscrew Marbles, 5/8" to 11/16", Asstd. Colors
2120: Four Machinemade Akro AgatesEst. $50-$100Lot Passed
5/8" Machinemade Peltier Marble: 5/8" Machinemade Peltier Marble, Xmas Tree
2122: 5/8" Machinemade Peltier MarbleEst. $50-$100
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13/16" Machinemade Peltier Marble: 13/16" Machinemade Peltier Marble, Xmas Tree (SURFACE CHIPS)
2123: 13/16" Machinemade Peltier MarbleEst. $40-$80
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Two Machinemade Blue Oxblood: Two Machinemade Blue Oxblood Marbles, 5/8" & 3/4" (HEAVILY CHIPPED)
2124: Two Machinemade Blue OxbloodEst. $40-$80
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5" Fisher Jewel Tray: 5" Fisher Jewel Tray, Chrome with 14 Yellow Marbles & Patent Numbers
2129: 5" Fisher Jewel TrayEst. $100-$200
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31"L Buddy L Fire Truck: 31"L Buddy L Fire Truck with Working Siren (REPAINTED)
2132: 31"L Buddy L Fire TruckEst. $200-$300Lot Passed
1958 Tonka 30" Fire Truck: 1958 Tonka 30" Fire Truck (MODERATE PAINT WEAR)
2133: 1958 Tonka 30" Fire TruckEst. $150-$250Lot Passed
1954 Tonka 30" Fire Truck: 1954 Tonka 30" Fire Truck (VERY MINOR PAINT WEAR)
2134: 1954 Tonka 30" Fire TruckEst. $150-$300Lot Passed
Football Sports Ensemble: Football Sports Ensemble, Includes Early Leather Helmet (LATER VINTAGE FACE MASK) Rawlings Leather Football & Early Fiberboard Megaphone
2138: Football Sports EnsembleEst. $80-$150Lot Passed
9/16" Handmade Onionskin Green Base: 9/16" Handmade Onionskin Marble, Green Base
2139: 9/16" Handmade Onionskin Green BaseEst. $200-$300
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13/16" Handmade Lutz Banded: 13/16" Handmade Lutz Banded Marble, Opaque Blue Base (TINY SURFACE CHIP & FINISH SLIGHTLY CLOUDY)
2140: 13/16" Handmade Lutz BandedEst. $300-$500
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9/16" Handmade Peppermint Mica: 9/16" Handmade Peppermint Mica Marble (TINY SURFACE CHIP)
2142: 9/16" Handmade Peppermint MicaEst. $300-$600Lot Passed