Books- SciFi, NASA, Military, Aviation, Psych 2014-11-22 Auction - 372 Price Results - Main Street Mining Co. in TX
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Bradbury, Dandelion WineAsimov, Fantastic Voyage, First PrintingThe Baker Street Journal Eight Series
Bedford, TX, United States
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Books- SciFi, NASA, Military, Aviation, Psych

Vintage Books from avid collector including science, Military, NASA, Math, Science Fiction, Psychology, Aviation and more. A few Childrens books as well.
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Burroughs, The Mucker, 1921: Est. $30 - 40 Burroughs, The Mucker, 1921. Author: Edgar Rice Burroughs Title: The Mucker Publisher: Grosset & Dunlap PublishersCity: New York Date: 1921 Hardcover with red cloth, black letters.
0001: Burroughs, The Mucker, 1921Est. $30-$40Lot Passed
Vintage Group of 7 Books: Est. $15 - 20 Vintage Group of 7 Books. World's Great Detective Stories, edited by Will Cuppy, The World Publishing Company, Cleveland & New York, First printing 1943. A Spinner in the Sun, Myrtle
0007: Vintage Group of 7 BooksEst. $15-$20Lot Passed
The World's Worst Aircraft: Est. $15 - 20 The World's Worst Aircraft . Hardcover, dust jacket (worn and torn jacket). St. Martin's Press, New York. 1976
0014: The World's Worst AircraftEst. $15-$20Lot Passed
Lee, The Soviet Air Force: Est. $15 - 20 Lee, The Soviet Airforce. Author: Asher Lee. Hardcover with dust jacket (jacket in poor condition & taped to inside of book). Previous library book.
0018: Lee, The Soviet Air ForceEst. $15-$20Lot Passed
Knight, The Futurians: Est. $15 - 20 Knight, The Futurians . Author: Damon Knight. 1977 Hardcover with dust jacket. The story of the" great science fiction family" of the 30's that produced tody's top science fiction
0019: Knight, The FuturiansEst. $15-$20Lot Passed
Bach, One, 1st Edition: Est. $22.5 - 30 Bach, One, 1st Edition. Author: Richard Bach . Hardcover with dust jacket. 1988 Silver Arrow Books, William Morrow, New York.
0021: Bach, One, 1st EditionEst. $22-$30Lot Passed
Stewart, Seetee Shock: Est. $15 - 20 Stewart, Seetee Shock. Author: Will Stewart. First edition. Hardcover with dust jacket (jacket worn and torn in areas). Stamped with book owners name.
0023: Stewart, Seetee ShockEst. $15-$20Lot Passed
Bradbury, R is for Rocket: Est. $22.5 - 30 Bradbury, R is for Rocket. Author: Ray Bradbury, First edition, Hardcover with dust jacket (jacket worn in areas).
0024: Bradbury, R is for RocketEst. $22-$30
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