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Baroque Kunstkammer Cabinet, Middle Germany, around
Anastatica On Birch Bark Base, Austria, around 1800Small Agate Cup, Presumably Italy, 19 Century
Berlin, Germany
DoneDec 9, 2014 5:00 PM UTC

Cabinet of Curiosities

Diverse treasures speak volumes about the tradition cabinets of curiosities of old, which combined rarities from all cultures and passed on wisdom to future generations. Furthermore, an awareness of life and death becomes tangible through such items as a filigree skull carved from buffalo horn or a rare taxidermy of a real karett turtle, which was preserved around 1880. A lapislazuli Elephant with Gold-Painting from the treasure chamber of the maharajah of Bikaner or a unique orb of polished ferruginous Jasper are both collector?s items which prompt amazement to this day