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Modern Fine Arts Solo Exhibition Paintings

Carlito's Muse: Carlos Baez / a solo exhibition Amazon's bestselling author Venezuelan-American artist Carlos Baez combines a deep personal passion with all the emotionality and energy that he perceives in the world to create bold representational, modern, contemporary and abstract paintings that are both strikingly evocative and deeply profound. Drawing on a diverse background in engineering, teaching, graphic designing, and writing, painting has become but one of the mediums he uses to tell his stories. His technique is unique, mixing a variety of media in order to create works featuring vibrant interplays of color, form and texture. Once inside the painting, you are swept away by the magic of modern, contemporary and abstract expressionism in the hands of a truly gifted painter, a lover of nature, and a soul mate of other gifted painters such as; Diebenkorn, Matisse and Picasso. As Baez explains, "a master piece should take you through a journey that will enable you to experience the rhythm that is so essential to fully grasp the strength and vision as well as the passion of the artist." What results are vistas of pure modernism and expressionism, bold brushstrokes of color combined with forms and textures that stir our deepest yearnings and hint at the emotions that lie at our very core. Compositions are primarily modern, contemporary, abstract and infused with patterns of light and shadow. His chosen hue, too, are bold and riveting, yet somehow intermix to create a sense of harmony and purpose. As with his books, Baez intends for his art to empower. It is this intent, this driving force, that makes Baez's canvases so compelling, and keeps viewers always coming back for more.
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