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1037: Early 1800's Primitive Stepback Cupboard1175: Roseville Sunflower Lamp1048: Roseville Rosecaraft Vintage Sales Sample
DoneMay 03, 2004 10:20 AM EDT
Norton, OH, United States
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Large Antique and Collectible Auction

Antique Furniture Over 40 Pieces, Lamps (Four Oil Lamp Hanging Fixture from Anthens Ohio Baptist Church, Phoenix Glass Cockatoo Lamp, Etc.) , 80 Plus Roseville Collection( Fudji, Sunflower Lamp, Rosecraft Vintage Sample Board, Blackberry, Baneda, Pinecone, & Much More),Weller (Large Cameo Jewel Jardiniere & Pedestal), Rookwood and Other Pottery, Limoges (TV, B&H, Haviland, Etc.), American Belleek, Royal Doulton (Figurines, Charger Plates,Toby Mugs), Nippon, Large Perfume Collection, Glassware( Ruby, Jadite, Fenton, Etc.), Black Memorabilia, KKK Memorabilia (Books, Photos, Medals, Etc.), Primitive Baskets, Cookie Jars, Primitives Child’s China Sets, Sports Memorabilia , Art (Kinley Shogrem LE Watercolor Prints of Wilson Mill, Hudson, Amish), Rugs ,(New Items: Oak Dinning Room Table with 6 Chairs, Bowflex Machine), & Much More
Lot Number: Lowest
Six American Belleek Demitasse Cups: Six American Belleek, Willets, Demitasse Cups with Sterling Silver Cup Holders ( One cup has a rim chip, Other One Has Crack & Mended)
1001: Six American Belleek Demitasse CupsEst. $300-$400See Sold Price
Elite Limoges 18" Vase: Elite Limoges 18" Vase with Hand Painted Castle Scene, 18" H x 8 1/2"W x 4 1/2"D, Little Gold Leaf Worn on handles.
1002: Elite Limoges 18" VaseEst. $2,000-$2,500
See Sold Price
Limoges Enamel over Brass Dish: Limoges Enamel over Brass Dish, Artist Signed, N. Auradiau, 6 3/4" diameter, Excellant Condition
1004: Limoges Enamel over Brass DishEst. $400-$500See Sold Price
Roseville #745-7 Pinecone Vase: Roseville #745-7 Pinecone Vase, Green in Color, Excellant Condition
1005: Roseville #745-7 Pinecone VaseEst. $250-$350See Sold Price
Roseville Corinthian 7" Bowl: Roseville Corinthian 7" Bowl, Small spider hairline
1006: Roseville Corinthian 7" BowlEst. $150-$250
See Sold Price
HP Black Milkglass Perfume Bottle: Hand Painted Black Milkglass Perfume Bottle
1007: HP Black Milkglass Perfume BottleEst. $25-$50See Sold Price
Limoges D & C Tea Set: Limoges D & C Tea Set including Pot, Cream & Sugar, Excellant Condition
1011: Limoges D & C Tea SetEst. $200-$300See Sold Price
Roseville Velmoss Scroll #115-7 Bowl: Roseville Velmoss Scroll #115-7 Bowl, Heavy Crazing, 8 1/2" Round, 3" H, 6" opening, Very Good Conition
1014: Roseville Velmoss Scroll #115-7 BowlEst. $125-$225See Sold Price
Roseville 89-7 Magnolia Vase: Roseville 89-7 Magnolia Vase, Terra Cotta Color, Excellant Condition
1015: Roseville 89-7 Magnolia VaseEst. $100-$200
See Sold Price
Roseville 188-6 Clematis Vase: Roseville 188-6 Clematis Vase, Green, Small Chip like it was bumped lightly, Very Good Condition
1016: Roseville 188-6 Clematis VaseEst. $100-$150See Sold Price
Phoenix Glass Parrot Lamp: Phoenix Glass Parrot Lamp, without cord and socket, just casing, 13 1/2"H, Excellant Condition
1018: Phoenix Glass Parrot LampEst. $250-$350
See Sold Price
Mahogany 1800's Server with Clawfeet: Mahogany 1800's Server with Brass Claw and Ball Feet, Champhord Drawers, Three Drawers One Shelf, 42 x 20 x 32"H
1019: Mahogany 1800's Server with ClawfeetEst. $400-$500See Sold Price
Royal Doulton Dickens Ware Pitcher: Royal Doulton Dickens Ware Crimped Pitcher, Excellant Condition
1021: Royal Doulton Dickens Ware PitcherEst. $150-$250See Sold Price
Roseville Dutch Pitcher, 8"H: Roseville Dutch Pitcher, 8"H , Age Cracks in the bottom not outside, very fine hairline on top.
1022: Roseville Dutch Pitcher, 8"HEst. $250-$300See Sold Price
Roseville 380-8 Waterlily Basket: Roseville 380-8 Waterlily Basket, Pink, Professionally Mended Arm
1023: Roseville 380-8 Waterlily BasketEst. $150-$200See Sold Price