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Clown Orchester
Space StationZilotone
Degersheim, Switzerland
DoneJun 21, 2015 1:00 PM UTC

"Automaton Museum" and other rarities Day 2

We are proud to announce the sale of t he Automaton Museum from Nice, France. Over 850 lots will find a new home on the 20/21. Of June. There will be over 200 electric window displays ranging from $ 100- 20?000, 20 + mechanical automatons from the last 2 centuries with the Dali Automaton and the Cambodian Dancer as our highlights. (Estimate $ 250?000 ? 350?000). Over 40 fantastic mechanical musical instruments- from music boxes to the largest dance organs, amusement arcade machines and fairground art. For the low budget we have a great lot of dolls, battery toys and pop-up children?s book. An exciting two days auction is awaiting us.