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Star Wars 1st Generation Original 1977 ADR Sound Tape
Legendary Oscar Winning Costume Designer Charles LeStar Trek: First Contact Borg Regeneration Alcove Panel
El Segundo, CA, United States
DoneSat, Jun 27, 2015 6:00 PM UTC

Hollywood Famous Movie Props & Costumes

Join Hollywood Live Auctions on Saturday June 27 at 11AM PST as we bring you over 600 of the most famous movie props and costumes from the Golden Era of Hollywood to the present. Own Natalie Wood's complete hero green dress ensemble costume from The Great Race, a collection from the legendary filmmaker Hal Roach including his movie camera and film rewinders, Tom Cruise's hero military officer's hat from A Few Good Men, a life size one of a kind wax sculpture figure of Walt Disney, The Godfather's Talia Shire's Christening Dress, a complete Ben Hur Athenian costume to an unreleased sound production tape from the set of Star Wars: A New Hope. Plus Droid body parts from Iron Man 2, miniatures from Independence Day and The Adventures of Pluto Nash, Beyonce's hero costume from Austin Powers, Star Trek props, early Hollywood photograph collections and autographs, amazing props and costumes from Pirates Of The Carribean, Mad Max, Woman In Gold, Harry Potter, Underworld, Jurassic Park and so much more! Special guests will also be live at the event so be sure to join us live at the auction or watch it live online.