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125 AFRO Udine 1912 - Zurich 1976 Untitled, 1966 Oil
189 DAVID ALFANO SIQUEIROS Camargo 1896 - Cuernavaca179 PAUL DELVEAUX Antheit 1897 - 1994 Furnes Wanze,
DoneOct 28, 2015 1:30 PM UTC


This sale is divided in two separate auctions one for antique art and paintings one for modern and contemporary art There are two major collections inside the auction mostly Italian art, for October 27 Auction 1 we have a few outstanding foreign artists like. HUBERT ROBERT, JEAN GREUZE, JOHN EMMS, ARTHUR WARDLE, ALEXANDRE CABANEL for the Italians VAROTARI, ERCOLE GENNARI October 28 AUCTION 2 Modern & Contemporary art we have SAM FRANCIS, SIQUEIROS, RIOPELLE, TAPIES, BALLA, B. NICHOLSON, BONALUMI to name a few of them.