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Zoa, Portrait of Andy Warhol, C-Print, circa 1970
Andy Warhol, James Dean, Drawing, USA, c. 1985Andy Warhol, Bouquet of Flowers, Pencil Drawing, c.
Berlin, Germany
DoneOct 30, 2015 4:00 PM UTC

Warhol Only

This auction is exclusively dedicated to the icon of American Pop Art - Andy Warhol. In his ‘Factory’ Warhol produced a variety of works that deal with everyday objects, consumer society and pop culture. One of the highlights of this sales is a pencil drawing ‘Bouquet of Flowers’. In addition, various graphic works Warhol created during his early years working as an illustrator in advertising are available for sale. Beside all this highlight pieces there is also a large range of works for young collectors to start a collection with iconic motifs after Warhol.