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Kharebagh,botanical illustrations
Fashionista's Vanity botanical illustrationsTabriz 80 Raj botanical illustrations
Los Angeles, CA, United States
DoneJan 1, 2015 8:30 PM UTC

Hand made carpet, art,botanical illustrations

Inspiration and execution of design are the frame work of art in general. Here we present a variety of botanical illustrations on handmade carpets from the 19, and 20 th century. Most asian realists had used natural subjects , flower and, water front in their art work during 19 -20 century. The forms of these illustrations include a variety of corsages, vegetations, garden ornaments, vines, flowers, pomegranates, leafs, and animals Botanical illustrations are not limited to paintings and textial art- they have been used symbolically in jewelry making, architectural designs, and decorations . In fashion besides being printed on textile they were presented as corsage, and boutonnière for special occasions. We hope this small collection presents examples of this category of design. Thank you for joining our auction. The Carpet Company Of Tabriz Craftsandhearts Wilshirerugs