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Mariann Gordon 1973 120mm By Bob Guccione
Isabella Ardigo 1980 35mm By Bob GuccioneLillian Muller 1976 35mm By Suze Randall
Englewood, NJ, United States
DoneJan 2, 2015 4:30 PM UTC

Gentlemen's Babes Mindy Farrar & Friends

Chivalry is not dead, but it is horny. That being said, any gentleman that grew up during Penthouse’s golden era, will remember the allure that only a Penthouse Pet could supply. Their natural beauty, combined with Bob Guccione’s talent with the camera, resulted in pictorials that had the ability to make many men weak in the knees. One of the most notable Pets to make men sweat was Mindy Farrar, a brunette beauty from 1987. For those that didn't have her Penthouse magazine tucked under their mattress, we are proud to reveal that Mindy was not only the Penthouse Pet of Month for November 1984 but was Pet of the Year in 1987. She had a body that could soak up a lot of sun and in return, extrude a radiant personality that charmed every man she talked to. “People have always classified me as the cute, sweet, bouncy type,” she once admitted, “and I suppose that’s right, since I do have a lot of energy, and I’m hardly ever in a bad mood – unless it rains on the weekend.” Even so, Mindy had enough imagination to devise ways to expend her excess energy indoors, especially when it came to being in front of the camera, wearing nothing more than seductive lingerie. This auction was created for the modern day gentleman that has an appreciation for beautiful women like Mindy Farrar and her friends.