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Hubley Colt .45 Cap Gun with Holster
28 Dozen Small Pocket KnivesTwo Early Wooden Hand Painted Early Mickey & Minni
York, PA, United States
DoneApr 30, 2016 1:00 PM UTC

Collectibles Toys, Train & Bulk Knife Auction

High quality collectibles including tin toys, Tenshodo Painted Brass Trains, Cars & other Trains, 100's of Train collectors Books and Train Books, 100s of comic books, 1000s of Post Cards, Collection of Lunch Boxes, Beatles, Many early Disney items, 100s of early men's magazines including Male, Sir, Men's Life, Stag, Cavalier, Western Toy Guns, Lone Ranger, John Wayne, Models, Toys, and many other items. Photographs will be added as taken. Large Knife Collection from York Cutlery Co from Downtown York 1950s through 2005. This collection includes 100s of new old stock knives sold in bulk units, pen knives, hunting knives, novelty Knives, knife displays, over 100 new in box air rifles, and much more.