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Persian Keschan with a Decorative Floral Pattern, Iran,
Rug with a Decorative Asian Pattern, ChinaPersian Sarouk Mohajeran Rug with a Floral Décor, 20th
Berlin, Germany
DoneJun 3, 2016 12:00 PM UTC

Antique Rugs

The provenances of the antique to old rugs offered in this auction, represent a classical cross section for collectors and private buyers. The rich selection of bridges, runners and rugs were knotted according to traditional manual work and are partially of high-quality new and cork wool. The rugs originate from regions of Persia, Caucasus and China. Presented are also a number of outsizes. A beautiful example of noble color compositions of Chinese rugs is a large rug with a mirrored vase pattern. The high art of fine knotting is demonstrated with a finely patterned Kirman.