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A Marble Bust After a Greek Model, Italy, 19th C.
A Fragmentary Corpus Christi, Carved Wood, Italy,A Depiction of Triton, Zinc Alloy, Mid-19th C.
Berlin, Germany
DoneJun 23, 2016 4:00 PM UTC

Castle Greding: Sculptures & Curiosities

This auction offers a varied journey through three centuries of the art of sculpture. From the period of baroque, a sandstone statue of the ancient god Zeus and a sculpture the goddess Diana can be found. Among the other highlights of this sale are an impressive bust of Antinous and an antique-like sculpture of Triton from the 19th century. In addition, also contemporary works such as the marble sculpture of a young man with a shell await you. But also animal sculptures such as a pair of large lion figures from the time around 1800 make this auction to an absolute must for all lovers of decorative arts.