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238: Sukotai Buddha348: Jewelry: Women's Swiss Watches (seven)139: Dao Hai Phong (b. 1965) Vietnamese
DoneMar 13, 2006 12:20 PM EST
Van Nuys, CA, United States
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Art, Silver, Glass, Modern & Ancient Pottery

Fine Arts, rare ancient Roman, Etruscan and Pre-Columbian Pottery and Objects, Asian Arts, Decorative Arts, Vintage Glass and Silver Items, Collectibles, Vintage Hats and Purses, Sculpture, Photography, Ethnic Arts, Art Books, Rugs, including Joan Miro, Pollia Pillin, 1950's Murano, LeRoy Neiman, Lalique, Sam Francis, Ming, and much more.
Lot Number: Lowest
Alfaro (Old Master Style): AGNUS DEY MISERERE M*, oil painting on canvas, 16 ¼ x 11 ¾", signed lower right, framed, partially relined, stretcher bar impressions and perimeter cracking.
0001: Alfaro (Old Master Style)Est. $200-$400See Sold Price
American School (four): LANDSCAPES, a group of two paintings and two pastels, 19 x 15" to 11 x 8 ½", each signed and framed, in generally good condition. (4)
0002: American School (four)Est. $200-$400See Sold Price
American School (20th Century): YOUNG GIRL SITTING WITH FLOWERS, c.1950, oil painting on canvas, 29 ½ x 23 ½", framed, hairline cracking throughout, otherwise in good condition.
0003: American School (20th Century)Est. $400-$600See Sold Price
Karel Appel (b. 1921) Dutch: FIGURE, c. 1980, color lithograph, signed in pencil, from the numbered edition 175, sheet 22 x 30", framed with glass, some fading, otherwise in good condition.
0004: Karel Appel (b. 1921) DutchEst. $100-$200
See Sold Price
Karel Appel book: WORKS ON PAPER, 1980, White, Abbeville Press, hardbound book, minor toning on extreme sheet edges, dust jacket, slight soiling on cover, good to very good used condition.
0005: Karel Appel bookEst. $40-$60See Sold Price
Asian School (20th Century): UNTITLED, watercolor on paper, 13 ¾ x 10 ¾".
0007: Asian School (20th Century)Est. $100-$200See Sold Price
Franco Asseto (20th Century): LICORICE, 1985, acrylic painted wood sculpture, 19 ½" tall, signed and dated on plinth.
0008: Franco Asseto (20th Century)Est. $200-$400See Sold Price
Duilio Barnabe (1914-1961) Italian: UNTITLED, gouache painting on newspaper, 21 ½ x 15", signed lower right, framed with glass.
0011: Duilio Barnabe (1914-1961) ItalianEst. $1,500-$2,500
See Sold Price
Arnold Blanch (1896-1968) American: UNTITLED, gouache on paper, 16 x 21", signed lower right and left, framed with glass.
0012: Arnold Blanch (1896-1968) AmericanEst. $300-$500See Sold Price
Ann Black (20th Century) American: SURREALIST LANDSCAPE, acrylic painting on panel, 20 x 16", signed lower right, framed, stray gold flecks, in generally good condition.
0013: Ann Black (20th Century) AmericanEst. $200-$400See Sold Price
Craig Bone (b. 1955) American: BEFORE THE HUNT, color giclee on canvas, signed in ink, from the numbered edition 16 printer's proofs, 14 ½ x 17", elaborately framed.
0014: Craig Bone (b. 1955) AmericanEst. $100-$200
See Sold Price
Charles Bragg (b. 1931) American: SHIP OF FOOLS, etching, signed in pencil, from the numbered edition 100, image 11 ¾ x 8 ½", full margins, framed with glass.
0015: Charles Bragg (b. 1931) AmericanEst. $300-$400See Sold Price
Charles Bragg (b. 1931) American: AT EASE, etching, signed in pencil, from the numbered edition 100, image 3 ¾ x 5 ¾", full margins, framed with glass.
0016: Charles Bragg (b. 1931) AmericanEst. $100-$200See Sold Price
Charles Bragg (b. 1931) American: PEDIATRICIAN, color etching, signed in pencil, from the numbered edition 150, image 4 ¾ x 6 ¾", full margins, framed with glass.
0017: Charles Bragg (b. 1931) AmericanEst. $100-$200
See Sold Price
William Brice (b. 1921) American: UNTITLED, lithograph, signed in pencil, from the numbered edition 20, sheet 36 x 21", framed with glass.
0018: William Brice (b. 1921) AmericanEst. $200-$400See Sold Price
Felipe Castaneda (b. 1933) Mexican: SEATED WOMAN, 1987, cast bronze sculpture with rich green patina, 11" tall, signed and dated, from the numbered edition of 7, mounted to lacquered wood base. Provenance: Certificate from the artist.
0021: Felipe Castaneda (b. 1933) MexicanEst. $2,000-$4,000
See Sold Price
Marc Chagall (1887-1985) French: JOB IN DESPAIR (M.254), 1960, color lithograph, 13 ½ x 10", from "Drawing from the Bible", Editions Verve, framed with glass.
0022: Marc Chagall (1887-1985) FrenchEst. $100-$200See Sold Price
Juan Chamizo (20th Century) Mexican: LA VENTIZCA, 1963, oil painting on canvas, 21 ½ x 39 ½", framed, 1" tear top right, ¼" tear center right, otherwise in good condition. Provenance: Studio Galeria, Mexico
0023: Juan Chamizo (20th Century) MexicanEst. $800-$1,200See Sold Price
Juan Chamizo & M. H. Andrews (two): L'UOMO, color etching, signed in pencil and inscribed artist's proof, image 9 ¼ x 6 ½", full margins, stray ink upper right edge, otherwise in good condition; Together with M. H. Andrews, UNTITLED,
0024: Juan Chamizo & M. H. Andrews (two)Est. $100-$200
See Sold Price