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Louis Vuitton White Monogram Canvas Ursula Tote Bag
Romeo Gigli Black Oversized SunglassesLouis Vuitton Thompson Street Purple Monogram Bag
New York, NY, United States
DoneAug 14, 2016 11:00 PM UTC

Designer Fashion: LV, Gucci, Versace & More

This is a NO RESERVE auction. Discover decades past with this vintage designer sale, a fusion of art and fashion. Throughout the twentieth century, trends evolved but attention to hand-done detail remained constant. From a 1940's color blocking jacket, once displayed in Elizabeth Taylor’s favorite boutique, to an iconic 1960's Hermes leather bag, this auction showcases a rich variety of materials and styles. Any vintage enthusiast will appreciate the quality of these textured pieces, as the authenticity of each is guaranteed.