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L. van Boeckel, A Large Figure of an Eagle, Belgium, c.
A Silver Fabergé Style Animal Miniature, Moscow,A Citrine Carving of A Grizzly Bear, pres. Russia, c.
Berlin, Germany
DoneSep 22, 2016 2:00 PM UTC

The Animal Kingdom

Humans have always drawn inspiration from the animal kingdom, particularly in representational artworks. The pieces in this collection celebrate man?s connection with animals, with a wonderful array of items. Highlights include a collection of four animal figurines from the famous French crystal manufacturers Daum and Baccarat; a large figure of an eagle from the renowned Belgian metal-artist L. van Boeckel dating to c.1910/20; and a glorious Fabergé-style elephant carved from rhodonite, the eyes set with small round cut diamonds, produced in Russia. This show is a must for all animal-lovers, and anyone interested in curios.