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Chester, NY, United States
DoneSun, Oct 23, 2016 3:00 PM GMT


William Jenack?s Auction of October 23, 2016 will be perfect for Halloween with oddities, medical models, animal skulls, corals, primate skeletons, American Indian pottery, Pre-Columbian pottery and other Natural History items. Natural History items will embrace a large portion of the sale with items to be offered such as a Lesser Kudu skull mount with stand, Sabel antelope skull mount with stand, metal mounted sawfish bill on marble stand, Madagascar Chameleon taxidermy mount, Mata Mata and Soft Shell turtle carapaces, museum quality Butterfly fish skeleton mount, Chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra) skull mount, jumbo Bahama starfish, Pigmy Marmoset skeleton mount with intact muscle tissue, Green Nymph Stick insect (Heteropteryx dilate) mount, Crab Eating Macaque monkey skull mount (Macaca facicularis), Galago Prosimian greater skull mount, Potto and Slow Loris skull mounts. Several species of coral will also be sold including natural red branched coral, fossilized brain coral, branched Octopus Coral, extended colony Finger Coral (Porites porites), branch coral, Stag Horn coral, Red Organ Pipe coral, Slipper coral (Polyphillia sp.), Blue Ridge Coral (Helipora colrulea), Atlantic Lettuce coral (Agaricia agaricities), fine complete Brain coral (Diploria sp.), Maze coral and several others. Oddities and Medical models to be sold include a Civil War Era prosthetic stump boot/shoe, vintage human anatomical head , throat and sinus model, vintage Moulage Wax pathological human foot model, vintage plaster human maxio-facial model, vintage articulated human dental models, vintage human anatomical hand model, antique Russian papier mache human brain stem anatomical model, Chicage Apparatus Co. papier mache human vertebrae cross section anatomical model, vintage human mandible anatomical model, vintage Haemacytometer (for counting blood cells), Southeast Asian fish skewer, vintage cast iron mechanical skeleton bank, collection of optometrist prosthetic glass eye samples in cast i