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Dieter Blum, Rauchender Mann 1, Digital Print, 1998
Dieter Blum, Wildwater 1, Digital Pint, 1996Dieter Blum, Sunrise 6, Digital Print, 1994
Berlin, Germany
DoneNov 26, 2016 5:00 PM UTC

Selected works by Dieter Blum

Dieter Blum, one of Germany's most famous contemporary photographers, made a name for himself in the 1960s as a cultural and reportage photographer for the magazines ?Der Spiegel?, ?Stern?, ?Time? and ?Vanity Fair?. Ever since photographing the conductor Herbert von Karajan in the 1980s on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Berliner Philharmonic orchestra, he has devoted a great part of his work to music, dance and art. He had his international breakthrough with his photographs for a campaign for Marlboro, which was followed by further series over the course of 20 years. These photographs had a huge influence on Marlboro's image, and on product photography of the era. This auction is devoted to Blum's fascinating life work with an abundant collection, on offer for the first time in the art market. In addition to the world-famous cowboys, the auction offers shots from the Berliner Philharmonic, dance photographs featuring Vladimir Malakhov, works from the series ?Künstler + Modell? with portraits of famous contemporary artists, as well as photographs from Russia and North America.