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Zhang Xiaogang, from: The Storyteller’s Enchantments,
Alex Katz, Diana, Linocut in Colors, 2014Joseph J. Vaudechamp (1790-1866), Portrait of a Lady,
Berlin, Germany
DoneDec 27, 2016 10:00 PM UTC

Portraits from the 19. to 21. Century

Especially in the present ?selfie era?, portraits have gained a new dimension of significance, which is why we have chosen them as the focus for this auction. Selfies, also known as self-portraits, have long been a favorite means of expression for artists, as our 1974 offset print, ?Auf dem Flug nach Amerika?, by Joseph Beuys demonstrates. Alex Kat?s linocut ?Diana?, in his typical stylized aesthetic stands in contrast to the dreamlike qualities of Mersad?s Berber?s portrait of a girl, which both appropriately round off the selection on offer. Special conditions: 15 % buyer's premium excl. VAT.