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J. Gould Lithograph: Nankeen Kestril
J. Gould Lithograph: Malaccan Pitta-Lizard OrchidJ. Gould Lithograph: Blue-Headed Sapphire
New Windsor, NY, United States
DoneJan 22, 2017 6:00 PM UTC


The Joseph Cerniglia Collection of J. J. Audubon Birds and Quadrupeds, large folio and octavo edition; John Gould; Alexander Wilson; McKenney and Hall Indian Portraits and other natural history engravings and American prints. Removed from Atlanta, Georgia to our gallery for a two day sale, January 21 and January 22 at 1PM each day. More than 1000 lots being sold with absolutely no reserve. A rare collector's opportunity and a rare opportunity for dealers to replenish stock. Again, absolutely no reserves. Order of Sale. Day 1, J. J. Audubon quadrupeds and birds, octavo edition and large folio, McKenney and Hall Indian portraits. Day 2. John Gould and Alexander Wilson.