Autographs & Memorabilia Auction XXV 2004-08-28 Auction - 813 Price Results - Signature House in CA
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DoneAug 29, 2004 7:20 AM EDT
UPLAND, CA, United States
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Autographs & Memorabilia Auction XXV

Signature House is pleased to offer over 825 lots of autographs, documents, manuscripts and historical collectibles in our 25th offering.

In a wide assortment of categories, you will find Presidents from Washington forward, Signers of the Declaration of Independence, including an original proof of the Ormsby engraving of the famous Trumbull painting of the Founding Fathers which hangs in the White House.

New in this catalog offering are rare antiquarian books including a First Limited Edition of Thwaites Original Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition 1804-1806 and other Americana.

Plus Old West notables John Wesley Hardin, Garrett and Cody to business and industry titans to Titanic collectibles.

In addition to the most sought after American Revolution and Civil War autographs and collectibles, we have 16th-18th century armour and weapons and World War generals and leaders, including a magnificent Mussolini archive 1910-13 with excellent content, plus an entire volume of documents signed by Saddam Hussein.

In Heads of State & Royalty we have notables from Ferdinand & Isabella to Castro and Che Guevera.

Literary offerings include authors and writers from Chekhov to a large archive of H. L. Mencken letters.

We have vintage autographed photos of young Lindbergh and his wife to astronauts, including Ed White’s condolences to Jackie Kennedy.

Exquisite signed photographs of Greta Garbo and Marilyn Monroe top our Entertainment category plus vintage to contemporary Sports celebrities and much more.
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[ NEOLITHIC CELT TOOLS]: 1. [ NEOLITHIC CELT TOOLS] Nice assemblage of five Celt utilitarian multi-functional stone tools dating back 15,000 - 20,000 years. Used as weapons, skinning implements, etc. in various sizes and
0001: [ NEOLITHIC CELT TOOLS]Est. $80-$160
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SILVER DENARIUS: 2. SILVER DENARIUS Popularly referred to as "Tribute Penny" minted in Imperial Rome during reign of Tiberius. On obverse is displayed Laureate image of Tiberius with inscription "TI CAESAR DIVI AVG F
0002: SILVER DENARIUSEst. $100-$200
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DAVID BEN-GURION: "I HOPE THAT YOU HAVE LEARNED HEBREW…OUR NATIONAL LANGUAGE"4. DAVID BEN-GURION ALS "D Ben-Gurion," in Hebrew, 1 p, 4½"x8", Sde Boker, Oct 3, 1964. Translated. On lightly lined notepaper to Mr.
0004: DAVID BEN-GURIONEst. $700-$1,200Lot Passed
MENACHEM BEGIN: 5. MENACHEM BEGIN (1913-1992). Early Zionist leader who rose to Israeli prime minister (1977-83) and signed a peace treaty with Sadat of Egypt (1979), the first peace treaty between Israel and an
0005: MENACHEM BEGINEst. $60-$120
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DAVID BEN-GURION: ISRAEL ATTEMPTS TO BUILD ALLIANCES ON EVE OF SUEZ CRISIS6. DAVID BEN-GURION (1886-1973). Declaring Israel's independence in 1948, he headed the provisional government and later became its first prime
0006: DAVID BEN-GURIONEst. $900-$1,200
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MOSHE DAYAN: 7. MOSHE DAYAN (1915-1981). Political and military leader. Israel's chief of staff during the Sinai Campaign of 1956 and minister of defense during the Six-Day War in 1967. Printed Israeli postcard
0007: MOSHE DAYANEst. $100-$200
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[JEWISH NOTABLES]: 8. [JEWISH NOTABLES] Romanian-born author and Nobel laureate ELIE WIESEL (b. 1928) whose first book, Night (1958), describes his experience at Auschwitz; plus the sixth president of Israel CHAIM
0008: [JEWISH NOTABLES]Est. $50-$100Lot Passed
HENRY WARD BEECHER: "THE OLD YOU IS EGYPT; NEW YOU IS TOWARD PROMISED LAND!"9. HENRY WARD BEECHER (1813-1887). A controversial but persuasive preacher, he taught a disbelief in hell; defended evolution, and advocated
0009: HENRY WARD BEECHEREst. $200-$400
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HENRY WARD BEECHER: 10. HENRY WARD BEECHER Witty ALS, 2pp, 4¾"x8", Brooklyn, Nov 9, 1882. On his personal imprinted letterhead regarding an invitation to address a seminary Mission Society. In part, "You embarrass me!
0010: HENRY WARD BEECHEREst. $80-$160
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[19TH CENTURY CLERGY]: 11. [19TH CENTURY CLERGY] Nice collection of 36 ALsS, AQsS, and signatures of Anglican clerics mounted on ten leaves, approx 9"x11", from an 1877 album. Among them are Archbishops of Canterbury A. C.
0011: [19TH CENTURY CLERGY]Est. $80-$160
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[19TH CENTURY DIVINES]: 12. [19TH CENTURY DIVINES] Nice collection of five clergymen. Signatures on cards include Presbyterian SAMUEL D. BURCHARD (1812-1891), whose statement "We are Republicans and don't propose to leave
0012: [19TH CENTURY DIVINES]Est. $60-$120
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ANTIPHONAL LEAF: 13. ANTIPHONAL LEAF Large manuscript approx 13½"x19", on vellum, an antiphonal leaf of liturgical music rendered during various Feasts for the Saints ca. late 16th or 17th centuries. Red-lined music
0013: ANTIPHONAL LEAFEst. $100-$200Lot Passed
EVANGELINE BOOTH: 14. EVANGELINE BOOTH (1865-1950). The daughter of Salvation Army founder William Booth, she headed the organization in the US, London and Canada and also established the popular servicemen's canteens
0014: EVANGELINE BOOTHEst. $100-$200
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HOWARD CROSBY: 15. HOWARD CROSBY (1826-1891). Presbyterian clergyman, teacher and reformist, the great-grandson of Gen. William Floyd of NY, a Signer of the Declaration of Independence; one of the American revisers
0015: HOWARD CROSBYEst. $60-$120
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[CATHOLIC CARDINALS]: 16. [CATHOLIC CARDINALS] FDC celebrating the issue of a Christmas stamp featuring a Copley Museum painting postmarked at Boston, Oct 27, 1976. Boldly signed by four US cardinals, including JOSEPH L.
0016: [CATHOLIC CARDINALS]Est. $50-$100Lot Passed
[EDWIN H. CHAPIN]: 17. [EDWIN H. CHAPIN] (1814-1880). Noted Universalist minister in New York City, an advocate of abolition and women's suffrage. Superb CDV quarter-length portrait. No backstamp. Bottom mount slightly
0017: [EDWIN H. CHAPIN]Est. $60-$120Lot Passed
PHILLIPS BROOKS: 18. PHILLIPS BROOKS (1835-1893). American Episcopal bishop renowned for his sermons but is best known as the author of the hymn "O Little Town of Bethlehem" in 1868. Two ALsS, 1p each, approx 5"x7".
0018: PHILLIPS BROOKSEst. $100-$200
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LLOYD CASSEL DOUGLAS: 19. LLOYD CASSEL DOUGLAS (1877-1951). American clergyman and writer whose novels include Magnificent Obsession (1929) and The Robe (1942). ALS, 1p, 8½"x5½", Los Angeles, Jul 21, 1943. On his
0019: LLOYD CASSEL DOUGLASEst. $60-$120
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SIR WILFRED GRENFELL: 20. SIR WILFRED GRENFELL (1865-1940). British missionary and physician who ministered to fishing crews in the North Sea; later established medical facilities in Labrador and Newfoundland. SP, b/w,
0020: SIR WILFRED GRENFELLEst. $100-$200
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CHARLES CUTHBERT HALL: 21. CHARLES CUTHBERT HALL (1852-1908). Eminent Presbyterian clergyman, the pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Brooklyn, NY, (1887-97); president of Union Theological Seminary (1897-1908). ALS,
0021: CHARLES CUTHBERT HALLEst. $60-$120
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MEDIEVAL BRONZE CROSS & COIN: 22. MEDIEVAL BRONZE CROSS & COIN Ca. 800-1000 AD. Nicely patinaed Christian cross pendant with five circular designs representative of the five wounds sustained by Christ; with original suspension
0022: MEDIEVAL BRONZE CROSS & COINEst. $120-$240Lot Passed
[DWIGHT L. MOODY]: 23. [DWIGHT L. MOODY] (1837-1899). Celebrated evangelist in America and England, he was founder of what came to be known as the Moody Bible Institute in 1889. Two CDV portraits, one a bust portrait
0023: [DWIGHT L. MOODY]Est. $80-$150Lot Passed
[PIUS XII]: 24. [PIUS XII] (1876-1958). Pope (1939-58) who led the Catholic Church during World War II. Ornate Apostolic Papal Blessing with color lithograph picturing the Holy Father at prayer, 1p, 13"x17",
0024: [PIUS XII]Est. $50-$100
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[SABBATH READING]: 25. [SABBATH READING] Weekly newspaper, 16pp, 8¾"x12¼", New York, Nov 18, 1898, Vol. 26, No. 46. A "non-political non-sectarian" Christian publication. Partial separation at spine; general toning;
0025: [SABBATH READING]Est. $50-$100Lot Passed