Edens Auctions, Inc.

Edens Auctions provides professional auction services in the areas of real estate, estates, antiques, business liquidations and other properties.

Frank D. Edens, President, has been an auctioneer since 1977. He is a broker/realtor, has been an attorney since 1984 and founded U.S. Legal Forms, Inc.

Justin D. Edens - Vice President - auctioneer - real estate salesperson.

Frank "Beau" D. Edens - Secretary - auctioneer.

Edens Auctions is a Member of the Antiques & Collectors National Association, the Mississippi Realtors Association, National Auctioneers Association and Mississippi Auctioneers Association.

Past Auctions

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Edens Auctions, Inc.


3720 Flowood Drive
FlowoodMS 39232
United States


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