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Aste di Antiquariato Boetto

Aste di Antiquariato Boetto

Boetto Auction House (BAH) was born twenty years ago for helping the Diocesan Caritas, with selling furniture and the most important families GENOESE objects. Then it Became a Ltd company, carrying on helping Caritas yearly. BAH goes onto the market every year with 8 auctions: 4 of furniture, pictures and from the 15 th to the 20 th century antiques, 2 specialized in paintings of the 19 th century and 2 in the contemporary painting.

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Bidder Reviews for Aste di Antiquariato Boetto (40)

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Berlin, DE

Nov 18, 2022
Very satisfied with products and support
Picking up in Genova was well supported, easy maintained. Very satisfied!
UN PORTA RIVISTE, anni '80.  Tondino di

Vancouver, CA

Sep 21, 2022
Excellent all the way, even for an Anglophone
Although I've been dealing with auction houses in Canada and the United States for over a decade, this was my first opportunity dealing with a European (Italian) one. For me Aste di Antiquariato Boetto was super! The items themselves were lovely. We were able to communicate through a combination of English and Italian (which I do not speak). My computer translation probably offered a few laughs to Aste di Antiquariato Boetto though. There are European (steps that we normally don't require in North America, but not onerous. For me, there is a nine hour time zone difference to deal with. The purchase requires certain identity documents, and declaration whether you are a government official. I struggled a little to confirm the bank's IBAN number. However I actually found payment EASIER and less expensive than dealing with many banks for US Auction houses in recent years. The shipping company Aste Boetto recommended was great and in my case, was actually less expensive to ship from Genoa, Italy than from say Florida or New York. They too dealt handily with my combined English/computer translated Italian with speed and grace. I hope you have the same positive experience.
Tre sculture Inuit in saponaria verde, autore

London, GB

Jan 23, 2021
Good seller. accurate and responsive
Excellent auctioneer.
Scuola toscana sec.XVII "Sacra Famiglia con San

Montpellier, FR

Nov 20, 2019
Very serious
Very serious all perfect
SERGIO ASTI Una lampada da tavolo "Daruma

Zürich, CH

Jun 07, 2019
Excellent transaction
Good communication, very fair shipping quotes, perfect service.
SCARPA VENINI Un vaso in vetro incamiciato,

Via Cascina Fogliana 1, IT

Mar 18, 2019
Very good. All perfect
KARPOFF IVAN (1898-1970)  Paesaggio invernale

Fossombrone, IT

Oct 17, 2018
ottima transizione senza alcun problema


Nov 24, 2015
This was my first auction and I am still surprised about the kind and easy help I got from Boetti as well as from their recommended shipping company Chiaparelli. Thanks!

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