British and European Art 2023-12-14 Auction - 102 Price Results - Christie's in England
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LOUIS WELDEN HAWKINS (FRENCH, 1849-1910): Le Petit Vent du Nord LOUIS WELDEN HAWKINS (FRENCH, 1849-1910) Le Petit Vent du Nord signed with monogram (in a circle, lower centre) and inscribed 'Depose King & Co' (upper centre) and 'Petit
0001: LOUIS WELDEN HAWKINS (FRENCH, 1849-1910)Est. £10,000-£15,000Lot Closed
HERBERT JAMES DRAPER (BRITISH, 1864-1920): Full-length nude study of Mary Best for 'Tristram and Yseult' HERBERT JAMES DRAPER (BRITISH, 1864-1920) Full-length nude study of Mary Best for 'Tristram and Yseult' signed and inscribed 'Not set.
0002: HERBERT JAMES DRAPER (BRITISH, 1864-1920)Est. £25,000-£35,000Lot Closed
LOUIS WELDEN HAWKINS (FRENCH, 1849-1910): Perfect Harmony LOUIS WELDEN HAWKINS (FRENCH, 1849-1910) Perfect Harmony signed 'LOUIS.WELDEN.HAWKINS.' (lower centre) oil and tempera on canvas 21 5⁄8 x 18 1⁄8 in. (55 x 46 cm.) Painted
0003: LOUIS WELDEN HAWKINS (FRENCH, 1849-1910)Est. £20,000-£30,000Lot Closed
EDMUND BLAIR LEIGHTON (BRITISH, 1853-1922): Tristram and Isolde EDMUND BLAIR LEIGHTON (BRITISH, 1853-1922) Tristram and Isolde signed with initials 'E.B.L.' (lower left) and further signed and inscribed ''Tristram and Isolde.'/E. Blair
0009: EDMUND BLAIR LEIGHTON (BRITISH, 1853-1922)Est. £12,000-£18,000Lot Closed
KARL MEDIZ (GERMAN, 1868-1944): Das Frauenbad am Felsentor KARL MEDIZ (GERMAN, 1868-1944) Das Frauenbad am Felsentor oil on canvas 60 3⁄8 x 61 ¼ in. (153.4 x 155.5 cm.) Painted in Lacroma, 1902. Provenance The artist's
0010: KARL MEDIZ (GERMAN, 1868-1944)Est. £30,000-£50,000Lot Closed
EDGARD MAXENCE (FRENCH, 1871-1954): Eros EDGARD MAXENCE (FRENCH, 1871-1954) Eros signed, inscribed and dated 'Edgard Maxence/Hommage respectieux à/Madame.Boufle. du Saint Blaise/1933.' (upper left) and further inscribed with title
0011: EDGARD MAXENCE (FRENCH, 1871-1954)Est. £6,000-£8,000Lot Closed
HERBERT JAMES DRAPER (BRITISH, 1854-1920): Sea Melodies HERBERT JAMES DRAPER (BRITISH, 1854-1920) Sea Melodies signed 'Herbert Draper' (lower right) and inscribed ''Sea Melodies'/And rippling through the splash of waves/the merman's pipe
0013: HERBERT JAMES DRAPER (BRITISH, 1854-1920)Est. £20,000-£30,000Lot Closed
ARTHUR WARDLE, R.I. (BRITISH, 1864-1949): Arctic Encounter ARTHUR WARDLE, R.I. (BRITISH, 1864-1949) Arctic Encounter signed 'ARTHUR/WARDLE' (lower right) oil on board 9 ½ x 10 in. (34 x 25.5 cm.) Provenance Anonymous sale; Christie's,
0014: ARTHUR WARDLE, R.I. (BRITISH, 1864-1949)Est. £10,000-£15,000Lot Closed
LUCIEN LÉVY-DHURMER (FRENCH, 1865-1953): Bella Simonetta LUCIEN LÉVY-DHURMER (FRENCH, 1865-1953) Bella Simonetta inscribed '61-40' (upper left) and further signed, inscribed and dated 'Copie de la Simonetta/ par/ Levy Dhurmer/ Florence
0024: LUCIEN LÉVY-DHURMER (FRENCH, 1865-1953)Est. £8,000-£12,000Lot Closed
DAVID ROBERTS, R.A. (BRITISH, 1796-1864): Piazza of St Mark from the Canal, Venice DAVID ROBERTS, R.A. (BRITISH, 1796-1864) Piazza of St Mark from the Canal, Venice signed, inscribed and dated 'David Roberts. R.A. 1860.' (lower left) oil on
0025: DAVID ROBERTS, R.A. (BRITISH, 1796-1864)Est. £100,000-£150,000Lot Closed