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109: Jimi Hendrix Last Fender Stratocaster.#253017

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The black late 1969 rare maple neck stratocaster purchased from Mannys Music Store in July 1970, with postumous invoice from Mannys relating to the sale with a further invoice to Buddy Miles, both dated at the same time as full and final payment addessed to M .Jeffries and C .Chandler. In 1970 Kathy Levine( Jimi's personal assistant) was told by Mike Jeffries to fly to London to try to convince Jimi Hendrix to cease his discussion with Alan Douglas Re. New Management. It was clear that Hendrix was not happy and Kathy could clearly not persuade him to come back to Mike Jeffries. Hendrix was finished touring in the UK and during the meeting with Kathy asked if she would take this guitar back to the US in advance of him coming. The guitar had been damaged during string change from right hand play to left. Hendrix had damaged and split the nut. Kathy was to have the guitar repaired for Hendrix's return to America. Sadly Jimi Hendrix died not long after this exchange and the guitar never was repaired. The guitar comes in the original state with no nut and pickups set high for air travel also without strings. With a letter from the present owner plus the two receipts from Mannys accompanies the lot. This is thought to be the very last guitar that Jimi Hendrix purchased. Knowing that Jimi wasnít happy with his management team at that time, Mike Jeffrey sent Kathy Eberth Levine, Jimiís personal secretary, to London just days before his death. Kathy met with Jimi to convince him to stay with Mike. After their meeting, Kathy felt Jimi was ready for a new management team. Jimi knew he wouldnít be performing again before returning to the States, so he asked Kathy to return with this Black Strat to help lighten the load for his trip back. The guitar was in need of repair; because he had two of the same guitars, Jimi asked Kathy to return with this one that was scheduled to be serviced. Because of Jimiís untimely death, it never was and it remains in its returned state. The guitar was bought in July of 1970, as shown on the original final Mannyís statement for Jimi, and is known to be Jimiís final purchase. Kathy kept the guitar and other personal affects of Jimiís for over 21 years.

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