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23: Thirteen Identified 38th Massachusetts CDVs

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Group of Thirteen Identified 38th Massachusetts CDVs 

A related group of ink signed cartes consisting of 3 regimental staff officers, 8 company grade officers, and the regimental commissary sergeant, most with Cambridgeport, Mass. or New Orleans imprints. Plus, a vignette of Colonel (Bvt. Brig. Gen.) Daniel MacAuley, 11th Indiana (Wallace's Zouaves) with his penciled salutation and signature given to Colonel Chas. F. Allen of the regiment. Six of the officers were battle casualties. The 38th Mass. men are: Lt. Col. James P. Richardson (Lt. Col. 7/16/63, WIA 9/1964 Winchester, m/o 6/30.65, US Army until 8/23/70), Major Charles F. Allen (Enlisted Co. C. as Capt. 8/20/62, Major 7/16/63, Bvt. Lt. Col. & Bvt. Col. 3/13/65, m/o 6/30/65), Surgeon Edwin F. Ward (Asst. Surg. 8/16/62, Surgeon 3/3/64, m/o 6/30/65), Capt. Geo. B. Russell, Co. G. (Enlisted 8/12/63 as 1st Lt., Capt. 4/5/63, WIA 6/14/63 Port Hudson, transferred to VRC 8/25/64, Bvt. Major & Lt. Col. 3/13/65, m/o 9/1/66, Bvt. Lt. Col. 3/2/67, Lt. Col. In US Army until 3/25/98), Capt. Taylor P. Rundlet, Co. F. (Enlisted as Capt. 8/15/62, WIA 5/29/63 Port Hudson, Bvt. Major 3/13/65, m/o 6/30/65), Capt. Albert Mason, Co. D. (Enlisted as 2nd Lt. 7/31/62, 1st Lt. 11/1/62, discharged 5/23/64, Capt. & AQM 4/7/64, m/o 10/30/65), Capt. William H. Jewell, Co. A. (Enlisted as 2nd Lt. 8/12/62, 1st Lt. 1/7/63, Capt. 3/8/63, WIA 10/19/64 Cedar Creek, m/o 6/30/64), 1st Lt. Edward G. Dike, Co. F. (Enlisted as 2nd Lt. 8/22/62, 1st Lt. & Adjutant 3/4/63, discharged 12/24/64, Capt. & AAG 12/14/64, m/o 9/29/65), 1st Lt. Nathan Russell, Jr. Co. F. (2nd Lt. 4/2/63, WIA 6/14/63 Port Hudson, 1st Lt. 11/21/63, QM 7/1/64, m/o 6/30/65), 1st Lt. Frank N. Scott, Co. B. (enlisted as Sgt., WIA 7/1/62 Malvern Hill, 1st Lt. 8/18/62, Resigned 8/27/64), 2nd Lt. Morton D. Mitchell, Co. D. (Enlisted as Sgt., 2nd Lt. 11/1/62, Resigned 3/27/63), and Commissary Sgt. James M. Davis (Enlisted as Pvt., Comm. Sgt. 2/1/63, m/o 6/30/65).

The MacAuley CDV bears his penciled signature on the front beneath the portrait with a salutation on verso that reads, Regards to Chas. F. Allen/One old/Comrade. Daniel MacAuley joined Company E. of Wallace's Zouaves on 4/22/61 as 1st Lt. & Adjutant. He remained with the 11th Indiana when it reorganized for three years and was successively promoted Major, Lt. Colonel, and Colonel on 3/10/63. MacAuley was brevetted Brigadier General on 3/13/65 and m/o 7/26/65.

The 38th Massachusetts was organized in August 1862 and served briefly in the Defenses of Baltimore before being assigned to the 3rd Brigade (Gooding's), 3rd Division (Paines's) 19th Corps, Department of the Gulf, for the Louisiana expedition commanded by Benjamin Butler. The regiment marched in support of Navy operations during the Teche Expedition and was first engaged at Fort Bisland on April 12, 1863 where it suffered 34 casualties including six killed. For the next two months the 38th Mass. was active in siege operations against the Confederate bastion at Port Hudson. The regiment skirmished at Sandy Creek on May 25 and gamely participated in the first grand assault against Port Hudson on May 27 loosing Colonel William Rodman and 16 enlisted men killed and wounded. In the second assault on June 14th the 3rd Brigade suffered heavily, the regiment paying the butcher's bill with 7 killed and 84 wounded. Following the surrender of Port Hudson on July 9 the regiment returned to Baton Rouge and remained in camp doing light duty. In March 1864 the brigade joined in the ill fated Red River Expedition and was detached at Alexandria to guard the army's supplies. On April 12 with the main army in full retreat the 38th embarked on a steamer to reinforce General Banks. On April 23, the 38th lost five killed and 6 wounded at skirmish near Cane River while making its way back to Alexandria hard pressed by the enemy. General Emory replaced General Frankin in command of the 19th Corps on May 2.

The corps was ordered back east in July 1864 and arrived at Fortress Monroe on July 18. The corps was immediately sent to Washington and was then assigned to the Army of the Shenandoah. During the maneuvering in the Valley the regiment participated in the battle of Winchester on September 19 loosing 8 killed and 38 wounded. Subsequently, the 38th was only lightly engaged at Fisher's Hill (Sept. 22) but at Cedar Creek on Oct 19 the regiment was part of the force surprised by Jubal Early's morning attack. The regiment regrouped and joined in the afternoon counterattack that saved the day. Losses were 5 killed, 14 wounded and 35 men captured or missing, primarily from the morning debacle. In the wake of the battle the regiment was sent to Winchester where it served as provost guard.

In January 1865 the brigade was briefly transferred to the Department of the South and then shifted to the Department of North Carolina where it went into camp at Morehead City. Here, the brigade guarded the massive supply depot that supported Sherman's operations in the Carolina's. After two month's of guard and occupation duty at Savannah regiment was finally mustered out at on June 30, 1865 having lost 4 officers and 73 enlisted men as battle casualties. 

The Ed Steers Lincolniana & Civil War Collection


The CDVs are mostly near VG. with light wear and soiling. Nearly all of the cartes show adhesion marks on the back where they were once affixed to a page. One carte is severely trimmed and damaged.
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