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749: 1912 Imhof & Mukle Valkyrie Orchestrion

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Imhof & Mukle (Vöhrenbach, Germany)

The Valkyrie is one of the larger models made by Imhof & Mukle, and it plays with force and brilliance typical of large Imhof & Mukle instruments of this period. Original production figures are unknown, but this is the only Valkyrie still known to exist.

The impressive case features carvings, ornamental light fixtures and a rotating "wonder lamp." Instrumentation in this extraordinary piece includes a piano with mandolin attachment, clarinet, flute, two ranks of violins in the melody, a rank of large cello pipes in the bass, xylophone, orchestra bells and drums. Formerly in the Red Whaley, Nat Kalt and Wolfgang Schweppe collections, this sole survivor was acquired in the 1990s and completely restored by Mike Argain, after which Johnny Verbeeck added a digital MIDI player to the original cardboard music roll system. It includes over a dozen music rolls and a library of MIDI files.

This world-class orchestrion will command attention in the collection of its next owner. It is easy to envision an audience in rapt attention as they watch and hear the Valkyrie, an absolutely unique experience.

Reference: The Encyclopedia of Automatic Musical Instruments by Q. David Bowers (pg. 474). 126x144x47 inches.

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