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Masonic McLilley Company Sword and Sheath

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DATE: Turn of the Century 1882-1925 DESCRIPTION: Antique Turn of the Century Masonic Sword, etched on blade reads ''McLilley CO., Columbus OH,'' owner's name is also etched on blade and reads ''L.A. Blevins'', the 28.25'' blade is ornately etched with scrollwork, knights in armor yielding shields and lances perhaps going off to battle, it has a skull and crossbones with the word Memento over the top of the skull and Mori under the crossbones ''Memento Mori--The symbol of the skull with crossed the article ''A Perspective on Death and Dying in the Chivalric Orders of York Rite of Freemasonry by Bro. William Steve Burkle, KT he states: ''The symbol of the skull and crossbones, often called the Memento Mori, is a grim reminder of our own mortality. The Latin phrase 'Memento Mori' is generally interpreted as ''Remember you must die''... The first Masonic adoption of the Memento Mori appears to have its roots in the York Rite Chivalric Orders, especially the order of Malta and the Order of the Temple.'', the hilt on this sword is metal with a crown over a cross and is ornately carved and on the other side is the Maltese Cross, the handle is wooden with a double cross made of metal inlayed into the wood, at the end of the handle is a knight's helmet the guard chain running from the knight's helmet to the hilt is missing, there is wear to the blade and handle, the scabbard is silver metal and has 3 ornately carved sections, the top section near the blade has a medieval style tent a Maltese Cross and the words ''INHOCSIGNO on top of the Maltese Cross and VINCES under the cross with two small rings on either side ''In hoc signo vinces...It is a motto meaning ''In this sign you will conquer.'' And is the motto of the Knights Templar, top of the York Rite of the Masonic Order.'', on the mid-section has what look like initials MYR with one ring on the side...believed to stand for Masonic York Rite, and the bottom section has a double bladed axe on top of a knight's helmet resting on a shield decorated with a Maltese Cross SIZE: Sword with Scabbard measures 35''

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