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Caribbean Beach by Carla Ponti 24x30 Giclee Signed

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Carla was born in Quebec, Canada in 1956. Carla's father was sixty-three years old when his daughter was born and died before Carla was a teenager. For her twelfth birthday Carla's mother gave her a set of paints and brushes, which she passionately put to use. In 1974 she and her mother moved to a small town in Montreal Canada where she was enrolled in a local arts academy. Carla's mother Suzanne was a designer of floral wear for a wealthy clientele. Her clients would purchase with their formal wear the art of her daughter Carla which gave her ability to travel to Europe and study art. Carla has always dreamed of Europe ever since she was a little girl and her dream came true which was also met with some success.There she was represented by a small gallery in Belgium and showed her art along with various other artists who she met in travels through Europe. Her works also sold in New York at the Dyansen Gallery in Soho. Carla maintains an apt in Belgium and sells her art all throughout Europe. Beyond all else, her mother's boundless creativity had the most effect on her life although her secondary source is derived from the world of nature that surrounds her. Her love of the outdoors is evident in her color palette.When asked the question, how she views her own work Carla quotes "Art should be something to enjoy and help you forget your worries. I invite the viewer to share my experience; I take you into my world like a guest into my home. I want you to be comfortable and relaxed. When people take one of my works into their home because it makes them happy and they like it, it has accomplished its' purpose."

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