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6279: Various coffee-table books

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(lot of 29) Lot of 29 coffee-table photography books, partly signed, mainly American photography including: Werner Bischof, Grossman Publishers 1974; Kay Tucker Images and Reflections, signed, Photo Graphics Hayward, CA 1977 (2x); Todd Webb Photographs, Amon Carter Museums Fort Worth 1966; Sun Flower by Paul Caponigro, Filmhaus Inc. 1974; Landscape by Paul Caponigro, McCraw -Hill Paperbacks 1975; The Photographer and the American Landscape, The Museum of Modern Art New York; Photographs by Cartier-Bresson, Grossmann Publishers New York 1963; Contemporary Photographers Toward a Social Landscape, f.e. Lee Friedlander, Bruce Davidson, Horizon Press 1966; People's park, Ballentine Books 1969; Alma Lavenson, California Museum of Photography 1979; T.H.O'Sullivan Photographer, The George Eastman House 1966; Contemporary Photographers The Persistence of Vision featuring Ray K. Metzker, Charles Gill, Robert Heinecken and others, Horizon Press 1967; Contemporary Photographers Toward a Social Landscape featuring Bruce Davidson, Lee Friedlander and others, The George Eastman House 1966; Contemporary Photographer Volume V Number 4, Contemporary Photographer Inc. 1967; Image Vol.15, No.1, March 1972, Journal of Photography and Motion Pictures, The George Eastman House 1972; Image Vol. 15, No.3 September 1972, The George Eastman House 1972; Image Vol. 14, No. 5-6 December, 1971, The George Eastman House 1971; Image Vol. 15, No.4 December 1972, The George Eastman House 1972; Michael Kenna, Night Walk; Image Vol.15, No.2 July 1972, The George Eastman House 1972; 15 Years In a Photographer's Life Nadine Blacklock, Nadine Blacklock 1997; Identity, Photographs by Nicholas Dean, Number 23, The Meriden Gravure Company 1966; The Bitter Years 1935-1941, The Museum of Modern Art New York 1962; Don Worth Photographs 1955-1985; Photographs of Mother Teresa's Missions of Charity in Calcutta, Untitled 39, Mary Ellen Mark, The Friends of Photography Carmel 1985; Todd Walker Photographs Julia K. Nelson, Untitled 38, The Friends of Photography 1985; Arthur Tress Center for Photographic Art, Lux Two, Center for Photographic Art 1993; Lux One, Center for Photographic Art 1991; Linda Connor Luminance, Woodrose Publishing Lux 3 1994; Antonyms for Our Age, Joy Love Hope Life Peace and or Grief Hatred Despair Death War 1967

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