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1823: Fully Automatic "Sales Sample Only" Registered WW

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Recommended for approval by the US Ordnance committee in Jan 1943, these submachine guns were intended to be a wartime mass-production version that was intended to compliment or be a wartime substitute for the heavier and more expensive M1Thompson SMG. Though withdrawn from overall service in 1957, the M3A1 was still issued to vehicle crews as late as the First Gulf War. This is an original WWII version as manufactured by the Guide Lamp Division. The left side of the magazine well is marked; Guide Lamp, over the Crossed Cannons/ U.S. Ordnance stamp over "U.S. NO. /615650". This a later model that has the protection shroud around the magazine release along with the oiler in the bottom of the pistol grip. It has the standard fixed blade front and peep rear sight on top of the receiver and the barrel is fitted with a Korean War-era M9 flash hider. Since this is an M3A1 model, the action cover also doubles as the safety and is covered with a black felt lining on the back side.
BBL: 9 inch round
Stock: steel
Gauge: 45 ACP
Finish: parkerize
Serial Number: 615650


Very fine as arsenal/professionally refurbished/reparkerized with 99% of a late gray parkerized finish overall, showing a few tiny areas of pitting under the parkerized finish. Mechanically excellent. NOTE: This is a restricted Class 3, fully automatic weapon, which is registered with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives that is "LIMITED TO SALES and USE AS A DEALER'S SALES SAMPLE ONLY". Before bidding on this weapon it is the sole responsibility and obligation of the bidder/Class 3 holder to understand and comply with all State and Federal transfer laws and restrictions which apply in their current place of residence.
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