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1824: Fully Automatic WWII Nazi Steyr MP-40 (Dealer Sal

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This is an example of one of the most recognizable and most widely used submachine guns of WWII, the MP-40. These were originally developed and fielded in 1938 and were used and manufactured throughout WWII by the Germans, as they were a very reliable and highly efficient submachine gun that was cheap and easy to make. These were commonly called a Schmeisser by the Americans, and this example was made by the Steyr factory in 1942. The rear of the lower receiver/buttstock group is stamped "MP-40/bnz-42" over the serial number "4287e". The front end of the receiver/tube is correctly stamped with the matching full serial number (4287e) along with several "Eagle/WaA623" Waffenamt proofs on this part as well as on some of the other various parts. It has all matching numbers on the various parts except the firing pin assembly, which was a commonly replace parts, due to the usage and high rate of fire. Consequently each part is correctly stamped with either the full or partial (last three digits ) of the serial number, except for the telescoping firing pin assembly as noted. It has the original brown bakelite lower receiver cover and pistol grip plates. The front underside of the receiver tube is stamped "INTER-AMERICAN/SAC-TC-CA/MP-40 9MM GERMAN". This SMG is accompanied by eight original WWII MP40 SMG magazines and one magazine loading tool.
BBL: 10 inch round
Stock: steel
Gauge: 9 mm
Finish: blue
Grips: plastic
Serial Number: 4287e


Very good as arsenal/importer with 90% of an old arsenal type dipped blue finish, showing some blue loss on the front end of the receiver/tube and magazine well, as well as the edges and high spots overall. The brown plastic grips and lower receiver side cover are in near excellent condition with only minor scratches, handling marks and some chips and dings with no cracks or major damage anywhere. This is a solid representative example of a scarce early WWII MP-40 SMG. NOTE: This is a Class 3, Fully Automatic Weapon that is currently registered with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco Firearms and Explosives, and is "LIMITED TO SALES and USE AS A DEALER'S SALES SAMPLE ONLY". Before bidding on this weapon, it is the sole responsibility and obligation of the bidder to understand and comply with all State and Federal transfer laws and restrictions that apply in their current place of residence.
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