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353: Cannon (Richard)

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Cannon (Richard)
Historical Records of the British Army, 38 vol. in the series, hand-coloured lithographed plates, some browned, a few with ex-library stamps and lacking free endpapers (1 title torn), some with bookplates, most original cloth or morocco, 1 contemporary half calf, rubbed, 1 vol. shaken with contents loose, many spines with tears, some g.e., 8vo, 1835-76; sold not subject to return. Cumberland Regiment of Foot, 1844; The Fifty-Sixth, or the West Essex Regiment of Foot, 1844; The Fifty-Third, or the Shropshire Regiment of Foot, 1847; The Sixty-First, or, The South Gloucestershire Regiment of Foot, 1844; The Fifty-Sixth, or The West Essex Regiment of Foot, 1844; Edmund Packe. The Royal Regiment of Horse Guards, or Oxford Blues, 1847; Seven Fusiliers, 1847; Tenth Foot, 1847; Sixteenth Foot, 1847; The Sixty-Seventh, or The South Hampshire Regiment of Foot, 1847; Light Dragoons, 1847; The Twelfth, or the East Suffolk, Regiment of Foot, 1848; Seventy-Second Regiment, or, the Duke of Albany's Own Highlanders, 1848; Eighteenth Regiment of Foot, 1848; The Twentieth, or The East Devonshire Regiment of Foot, 1848; The Twenty-First Foot, 1849; The Twenty-Third Regiment, or, The Royal Welsh Fusiliers, 1850; The Thirty-First, or, The Huntingdonshire Regiment of Foot, 1850; The Forty-Sixth, or the South Devonshire, Regiment of Foot, 1851; The Thirty-Ninth, or the Dorsetshire Regiment of Foot, 1853; W. Copeland Trimble. The 27th Inniskilling Regiment, 1876;

***Comprises: The Life Guards, 1835; The First, or King's Regiment of Dragoon Guards, 1837; The First or the Royal Regiment of Dragoons, 1839; The Second or Queen's Royal Regiment of Foot, 1838; The Third, or Prince of Wales' Regiment of Draggon Guards, 1838; The Fourth, or the King's Own Regiment of Foot, 1839; The Fourth, or Royal Irish Regiment of Dragoon Guards, 1839; The Sixth or Royal First Warwickshire Regiment of Foot, 1839 (2); The Second or the Royal North British Dragoons,, Commonly Called the Scots Greys, 1840; The Ninth or the Queen's Royal Regiment of Light Dragoons - Lancers, 1841; The Seventeenth Regiment of Light Dragoons; - Lancers, 1841; The Twelftth, or The Prince of Wales's Royal Regiment of Lancers, 1842; The Thirteenth Regiment of Light Dragoons, 1842 (2); The Fourth, or, the Queen's Own Regiment of Light Dragoons, 1839; The Eighth, or, The King's Regiment of Foot, 1844; The Thirty-Fourth, or, The.

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