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91405: Carl Barks and Theo Fabergé Scrooge McDuck Midni

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Carl Barks and Theo Fabergé Scrooge McDuck Midnight Egg Unique Prototype (Another Rainbow, 1992). For the Uncle Scrooge/Carl Barks collector who has everything comes this ultimate little prize package -- a real Fabergé egg, featuring the World's Richest Duck. The shell is crystal, delicate yet durable. Its dome, enameled lapis blue to suggest the midnight sky, is punctuated by seven gold stars. Below, the shell has been etched and hand-painted with 23-karat gold, the purest gold that can be fired onto crystal. A flight of golden stairs leads to a landing flanked by Ionian columns bearing up a triangular pediment. The egg separates in the middle. Lift off the top, and there's Uncle Scrooge luxuriating in a tub of gold coins. His body is silver; indeed, the whole sculpture is sterling silver -- 92.5 percent pure. Scrooge's coat is enameled in red; his collar, cuffs, and spats are gray. His crown is plated in 24-karat gold, as are his beak, cane, tub, and the coins around him; different colors of gold give each a different luster. His body, textured to resemble feathers, is lacquered to prevent tarnish, while the urn behind him has intentionally been oxidized to a rich green, then protected with lacquer. Surrounding him are two amethysts, two sapphires, and seven rubies -- that's counting the stones that adorn the Imperial crown and the Sumerian one. And in the tradition of the nicest Easter eggs, there's a second surprise, a treasure within the treasure. Push back the rim of the urn, and you'll find an extra cache of coins.
This unique item is the original prototype, commissioned as a test by Bruce Hamilton. It is identical to the version released by Another Rainbow, which was planed as a limited edition of 250. However, this one has no edition number or signature, and the paper label on the bottom of one box reads "Sample." It is in Excellent condition, including the gold-hued case.

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