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40096: Apollo-Era Movie Prop: A7L-Style Spacesuit Worn

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Apollo-Era Movie Prop: A7L-Style Spacesuit Worn by David Janssen in the 1969 Film Marooned. Less than four months after the Apollo 11 moon-landing (and just four days before the launch of Apollo 12), Hollywood capitalized on the national moon landing mania by releasing a film titled Marooned starring Gregory Peck, Richard Crenna, and David Janssen. The plot involves three astronauts in an Apollo spacecraft Ironman One that are marooned in earth orbit after leaving a Skylab-type space station. Their main engine has failed and the oxygen is running out. Chief Astronaut Ted Dougherty, portrayed by Janssen and based somewhat on Deke Slayton, gets presidential approval to fly an experimental Air Force craft to rescue the men in the Ironman One. After a lot of drama and the death of one astronaut aboard, Daugherty (wearing this space suit) arrives to rescue the remaining two. The filmmakers worked closely with NASA to make sure that the equipment used was realistic and this current space suit is no exception. It appears almost identical to the A7L suits worn by the actual Apollo crews of the period and includes the overboots and a "fishbowl" type helmet. Note the "Dougherty" nameplate as well as the NASA and Ironman One patches on the chest. An 8" x 10" B&W photo of Janssen wearing this suit will be included with the lot. A perfect display piece for a space or a film prop collection. Fine condition with some wear and soiling.

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