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40043: NASA Astronaut Group One and Group Two Large Col

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NASA Astronaut Group One and Group Two Large Color Photo Signed. A 20" x 16" mat-finish color photo with wide top and bottom margins mounted to a matboard. According to NASA records, the photo was taken circa January 1, 1963, just three+ months after the announcement of the second group of astronauts in September 1962. Seated at the table are the original "Mercury Seven" with each of their signatures just beneath their photo, as follows: "Gordon Cooper" (1927-2004), "Gus Grissom" (1926-1967), "Scott Carpenter", "Wally Schirra Jr" (1923-2007); "J H Glenn Jr", "Alan B. Shepard, Jr" (1923-1998), and "D K Slayton" (1924-1993). Standing behind are the "New Nine" or "Next Nine" with each of their signatures neatly placed above their image, as follows: "Edward H. White II" (1930-1967), "James A. McDivitt", "John Young", "Elliot See" (1927-1966), "Charles Conrad Jr" (1930-1999), "Frank Borman", "Neil Armstrong", "Thomas P. Stafford", and "James Lovell". All the signatures are in the same bold black ink. This amazing group of signatures was gathered by an early NASA employee who obtained the original photo and patiently asked each of the sixteen astronauts to sign it, using the same pen, as she was able to meet them over a period of several months. It was then framed and displayed on a wall for a number of years. The actual images are still strong in this photo, but have faded from full color to more of a sepia tone; the black ink signatures are bold and strong with no sign of fading. Overall very fine condition. The nicest item of its kind that we have handled. Don't miss this opportunity; this would be at home in any space collection.

These sixteen American heroes have made innumerable contributions to the exploration of space. In total, they participated in thirty-eight spaceflights. Their number includes: the first American in space, the first American in earth orbit, the first American to walk in space, the first man to step on the moon, and the oldest person to fly in space. Seven of them flew to the moon and four walked on its surface. Of the eleven Apollo missions, nine were commanded members of this group.

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