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Sahara Neolithic point measures approx 1 inch

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Sahara Neolithic point, measures approx 1 inch. The Sahara wasn't always the desert it is today. It goes through wet and dry phases lasting thousands of years, with shorter phases in between. There were three races of people who inhabited the Neolithic Sahara. Some were of caucasian stock who came from the East through what is now Egypt, and possibly from the North across the water from what is now Spain. Others were dark-skinned Africans of negroid stock who entered the Sahara from the South. And from the Mediterranean coast of North Africa came the mechtoids who were neither caucasoid nor negroid, but probably of Aterian descent. Left behind, from these early civilizations is a treasure trove of stone tools, weapons, rock art, pottery, pipes, beads, bracelets, metals, glass, spindle whorls ? relics from daily life as well as fossils, shark's teeth, shells and traces of marine life. MWF2249S

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