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350: Soviet WWII Air Force 17th FIGHTER standard

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A-39 Soviet WWII Air Force "17th FIGHTER BRIGADE" standard. Large embroidered winged gold propeller, crossed swords and a red star dominate the red silk center. Gold appliqued "FOR FIRST PLACE IN COMBAT AND PILOT TRAINING". Reverse has a well-worn yellow-gold relief hammer/sickle and globe within a barley wreath, with a ribbon wrapping - having patriotic mottoes. "WORKERS OF THE WORLD UNITE" is at the top of the red velour background and "USSR" at the bottom. Yellow-gold cord fringe on all four sides. 51" x 59". (The 17th Fighter Brigade was assigned to the 5th Air Force Army of Kiev-Special Military District. Proud of their won proficiency honors, the standard was displayed by the 17th Fighter Brigade at their June, 1941 base station in Lyubitov. On the morning of June 22nd they were under a fierce attack by the Luftwaffe. Equipped with fifty-two I-16 and I-153 fighters, the 17th was engaged in combat until 3 July when they were withdrawn from the Southwest Front to be reformed and re-equipped. The swift German advance overran the operational base of the 17th Fighter Brigade resulting in the loss of its standard. By May of 1945 the toll of devastating combat on the Eastern Front resulted in three more periods of reforming this Fighter Brigade.) Brought to Germany as a war trophy, the above standard was recaptured in 1945 by an American G.I. and brought to the States. The turmoil of war and the odyssey of this standard is evidenced in its "salty" condition - darkened from abuse with a well-worn center motif with much of the center embroidery "pulled". Nonetheless, a rare relic of WWII.III



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